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What is the Data Integration Toolkit?

Integrate consistent data into your business processes and B2B e-commerce applications, fast

The Data Integration Toolkit enables you to build and implement enterprise-wide access to business intelligence to power your decisions easily and efficiently. Delivering ‘real time’ data directly into your systems or applications can increase the speed and accuracy of your decision making so that business transactions are more streamlined and strategic - ultimately giving you the edge over the competition and increased profit over time.

The Data Integration Toolkit is a web-based set of software components that you can use to build your own interface with D&B, customized to your own requirements, simply and quickly. And because the Data Integration Toolkit uses industry standard Internet technology, it can reduce the time it takes to complete your project and lower the cost of development significantly.

Containing pre-developed code your development teams can use the Data Integration Toolkit to interface with D&B, more quickly than ever before. They simply  download the Data Integration Toolkit directly from this Web site, along with all the necessary  technical documentation.

Why use the Data Integration Toolkit?

  • Reduce development costs by implementing applications extremely quickly
  • Control system design depending on your needs
  • Improve productivity and increase the consistency and accuracy of your decisions across your entire  organization
  • Increase business performance and free up valuable resources
  • Build D&B data into B2B e-commerce applications giving businesses the confidence to trade
  • Take advantage of D&Bs dedicated support groups who can help you throughout the process

Data Integration Products and Reports

Using your own, unique application to interface with D&B, you will be able to access globally consistent data from around the world via one, unified global platform. These Data Integration Products and Reports enable you to minimize local and regional differences. Furthermore, in response to requests from our customers we are now also making more local data available to customers in a number of countries, to increase the depth of information delivered on a business.

Designed specifically for integration, select just the information you need to perform functions from simple business verification or more complex vendor management activities to the planning and execution of highly targeted marketing campaigns or the development of a consistent decision strategy. You can access detailed descriptions of Data Integration Products and Reports and view samples of them on this Web site.

Data Monitoring

Maintain the integrity of your information and ensure that you are always basing your decisions on the very latest data available.

Globally available Data Integration Products can be monitored for change and the updated data delivered directly into your systems quickly and simply. See  Frequently Asked Questions  for more details. Furthermore, the process is based on data designed for integration without manual intervention, so your whole ledger can be monitored automatically, rather than just the high-risk cases.

Data Monitoring has been structured so that you maintain control. You can add, modify and delete businesses from your Data Monitoring portfolio easily using the specially developed functions – and choose how to handle the changes you receive, integrating them directly into your own workflows and systems saving valuable time and resources.

Select the most appropriate Data Integration Product and level of notification for each business you wish to monitor according to your own processes:

  • Level 3
    Delivers all of the information from your chosen Product for direct integration into your process or systems. Level 3 was developed for applications designed to accept a complete record when something changes.
  • Level 2
    Delivers only those data elements that have changed. This allows quick integration of the relevant data and is ideal for systems where individual elements can be updated.
  • Level 1
    Delivers a notification to inform you of which data elements have changed. This allows you to order the appropriate Product for that business - or choose to take no action if the change is not critical.

Name and Address Standardization

Name and Address Standardization provides the ability to standardize and correct a name and address in real-time, thus helping improve the quality of the data in any business system or data warehouse. This makes it easier to match records to those of existing customers and to the D&B database. Name and Address Standardization can help you:

  • Improve the accuracy and deliverability of customer addresses at point of entry to your organization.
  • Improve your ability to identify existing customers as just that – existing customers, and not new prospects.
  • Instantly apply an address accuracy score to all US records.

See  Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

US Public Records Database

D&B Public Records Search offers instant access to the largest database of US business-related public filings, with over 100 million filings. Using D&B's vast network of internal and external data collection resources, one has access to business-related suits, liens, judgments, bankruptcy filings and UCC financing statements from all 50 states, plus the District of Columbia , Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. Business Registrations are also collected from all states and the District of Columbia . Records from forty-seven states are received in an automated format.  They inform one of past and present legal activities that could impact a company’s financial stability and operations.

An initial search can be done using the business name (and various other criteria) after which the user may request additional details on specific businesses.  The database covers the following filings:

UCC’s (Uniform Commercial Code statements)

A legal document creditors use to secure their rights to collateral specified in a secured financing agreement. This document, which the creditor files with the appropriate state authority (Secretary of State office), gives the creditor a legally recognized interest in the collateral until payment is received in full. It also provides legal title to these assets in the event a debtor suffers financial hardship and is unable to meet its promise to pay.


A proceeding under the U.S. Bankruptcy Code, in which either a debtor files a bankruptcy petition and voluntarily seeks protection from creditors, or creditors file a bankruptcy petition against a debtor to force the debtor to pay debts owed to them.

Business Registrations

Information filed by a corporation or limited liability company with the Secretary of State or other state agency in order to obtain a state charter to do business within that state as a corporation or limited liability company.


A proceeding filed by a plaintiff(s) against a defendant (s) in a court of law, in which the plaintiff(s) seeks monetary or non-monetary relief.


A claim or encumbrance which one party holds against the property of another party until a debt or obligation is satisfied.


The final resolution of a suit, the official court decision regarding the parties’ rights and obligations, including whether the plaintiff is entitled to relief defined in the suit.

The technology behind the Data Integration Toolkit

The Data Integration Toolkit takes advantage of industry standard Internet technologies including Extensible Markup Language (XML). D&B has embraced XML as its transaction and data definition protocol to enable you to integrate consistent, quality data into your systems and applications simply, quickly and cost effectively.

XML has become an industry standard in transmitting data with self-defining tags that describe the data elements contained therein. The Java and COM Data Integration Toolkits apply these self-defining data streams presented as XML transactions.

In addition to the Java and COM Data Integration Toolkits, customers can now also take advantage of the XML Data Integration Toolkit that further defines and validates a given set of one or more XML transactions for each data element, using XML Schemas (XSDs).

You may download D&B data via your corporate Intranet, Win32 application, browser, or other container environment and integrate it directly into your internal applications and third party enterprise software solutions. By simplifying this process, the Data Integration Toolkit further strengthens D&B’s role as a true data integration and decision partner, enabling companies such as yours to transact business consistently and reliably over the Internet.

For more information on the Data Integration XML Schema and Data Integration Toolkit, see XML Data Integration Toolkit.

Using the Data Integration Toolkit

Data Integration Toolkit components can be downloaded directly from the Internet, along with documentation including:

  • Example code in various programming languages
  • Sample applications
  • Detailed API specifications clearly outlining the object model and relationships.

For more information, visit the Data Integration Toolkit Frequently Asked Questions.

Toolkit WSDL is here!

Toolkit transactions are now available as WSDL’s , further easing integration of D&B’s global data into your applications. For more information, contact Toolkit Tech Support or click on the GO.

Company Search

Search for companies using their company name and address, individual name, D-U-N-S® Number, phone number, or business I.D.

Toolkit Platform transition

We've been transitioning to a new Data Integration Toolkit platform. Click here to see the latest schedule and the Release Notes.